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Crabbing in Hilton Head with Live Oac

Crabbing Excursions

The tidal waters around Hilton Head Island are home to a number of crab species, the largest residents being Atlantic Blue Crabs and Stone Crabs. While both blue crabs and stone crabs are good table fare, we practice catch-and-release crabbing for educational purposes. (Don’t expect to bring home dinner.) Along with these larger crab species, the marsh is also home to smaller crabs such as fiddler crabs, mud/marsh crabs, spider crabs, and oyster crabs which are tiny. The largest of all is the horseshoe crab, which visits us in spring and summer.

We can spend an entire trip focused on crabs, but we recommend crabbing as an “add-on” experience to one of our other programs. It only takes a few minutes to pull up our crab trap and take a closer look at how it works and hopefully get to see some of these creatures that dwell beneath the surface of the salt marsh. Add crabbing to a dolphin / eco tour, a fishing charter, or even as part of a watersports adventure. Let us know you’re interested in crabbing when you make your reservation and we can be sure to include it in the trip planning process. Pulling up a crab trap full of these critters is a delightful moment, for sure, and is recommended for families with younger children with an interest in nature. Crabbing is both tide and season dependent, so please call in advance for details on a custom crabbing adventure.
  • Blue Crab caught while crabbing in Hilton Head
  • Blue crab caught by hand crabbing
  • Horeshoe Crab on nature tour
  15 Minutes - 2 Hours (best as an “add-on” to another trip)
  Year Round
  Shared or Private
  All Ages