Watersports in Hilton Head

One of the best things to do in Hilton Head, brought to you by Live Oac. Combines our two most popular summer activities, dolphin watching and tubing behind the boat!
Watersports can be the whole focus of your excursion or just part of a customized adventure with Live Oac. One of our most popular Hilton Head things to do is our signature Dolphin Tubing™ which includes plenty of tubing time and an opportunity to see dolphins. It’s a great match for lots of groups because tubing is something for almost all ages and everyone loves to see dolphin!
Combine any number of watersports activities on one trip. Live Oac is Hilton Head’s premier watersports adventure company. There’s something for everyone!
Find out why Live Oac captains are Hilton Head’s watersports adventure professionals. There’s no shortage of things to do in Hilton Head on the water, and we offer a range of activities for fun on and behind the boat. Located with immediate access to pristine backcountry waters just perfect for Tubing, Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Kneeboarding & ZUP™ Boarding. Do it all, because you can mix and match water sports activities all on the same trip with our Watersports Combo™ with something fun for everyone.
First introduced to Hilton Head by Live Oac, this board combines other watersports all-in-one! Just about anyone can have a good time riding a ZUP!
Combines every other watersport all in one! Lay, sit, kneel, stand… you can ride a ZUP™ Board just about any way you want! Perhaps the easiest watersports activity in Hilton Head, ZUP™ Boarding provides a variety of riding methods due to it’s unique shape and size. We’ve found it replaces a kneeboard, wakeboard, and even water skis as an all-around approach to watersports. Plus, it seems much easier to ride for a variety of ages, sizes, and skill levels. Find out why more and more Live Oac guests are choosing the ZUP™ Board for watersports fun.
Almost all ages can have fun being pulled behind the boat on a tube. Get on, hang on, and have fun!
One of Live Oac’s favorite activities is tubing in Hilton Head, and we’ve taken thousands of people for a fun ride through the backcountry creeks. Tube solo or double behind the boat and you’ll slide across the water through the twists and turns of Hilton Head’s inshore waterways. Slow and mild or fast and wild, you can have an easy cruise or exciting bumps and bounces. Tubing is a summer fun crowd pleaser and a great family outing.
Waterski with Hilton Head Island’s Adventure Professionals.™ No experience necessary. Get up, stand up!
Likewise, for those that prefer the more traditional approach of two skis, we offer water skiing in Hilton Head. While it usually takes a few tries to get it figured out, Live Oac’s watersports instructors will guide you through the steps for the most effective methods to learn to water ski. The reward, standing up and gliding across the water is an amazing experience! First time skiers are welcome, and more experienced skiers will be just as comfortable. Live Oac captains are wake boarders and water skiers who are just as selective as you might be when it comes to choosing the right water and giving you the best ride possible.
Whether you’re a first time wake boarder or an X-Games pro, we’ll show you a good time wake boarding in Hilton Head!
Our most popular standup water sport is wake boarding, and Live Oac has Hilton Head’s best wake boarding waters just minutes from our dock. When wake boarding, you’ll start off in the water, with both feet on the board and get pulled up and to the surface, riding the board similar to a snowboard but on the water. In fact, we’ve found that people with experience on the mountain tend to pick up wake boarding very quickly.
A Live Oac Captains’ favorite! Kneeboarding is a great option for a wide range of ages and skill levels. Fun for the whole family!
Take it a step further with a more challenging and popular activity for Hilton Head visitors. Kneeboarding is a great choice for watersport beginners, and you start off lying down and then climbing up to kneel on the board. It’s a great transition sport and a nice step towards the stand-up water sports like wake boarding or skiing. Kneeboarding is a great choice for younger riders, too, who might find the stand-up sports more initially challenging.

Location Matters

A highlight of Watersports with Live Oac is our prime location. We are 10-15 minutes from superb ski & wakeboard locations in the quiet creeks of Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge. Our proximity to this area means you'll spend more time Skiing, Boarding, and Tubing and less time just "getting there and back."

The tree-lined creeks mean you'll have the best opportunity for calm water comfortable skiing. The trees provide excellent protection from Lowcountry winds and waves, so the water is perfect for all levels of watersports.

Due to the out-of-the-way nature of this special spot, you will experience significantly less boat traffic than the busier locations on Hilton Head, like Broad Creek or Harbour Town and Calibogue Sound. We prefer the quiet waters of the wildlife refuge and think you will too.

Compare to other departure locations on Broad Creek (Shelter Cove Marina or Palmetto Bay Marina), South Beach Marina or Harbour Town, and you'll see why Live Oac is the number one choice for towable watersports in the Lowcountry! Why spend half your trip just "getting there and back" when you could be having fun water skiing, wakeboarding, or tubing?

   Watersports Charter Rates

Pricing is Total Per Boat, for up to 6 people. Call for 7+

1 Hour • $169
1½ Hour • $229
2 Hour  • $279
3 Hour  • $389
4 Hour  • $499

1 Hr
Per Boat

1½ Hr
Per Boat

2 Hr
Per Boat

3 Hr
Per Boat

4 Hr
Per Boat

Live Oac watersports charters can accommodate up to 6 passengers per boat, and you’ll want to make sure you choose the right duration of trip to make sure everyone who wants to participate in watersports has enough time. Be sure to CALL US if you have any questions about timing and for a personalized recommendation for your group. Our captains field most of our phone calls, and we’ll give you the best suggestion based on our years of experience taking out groups just like yours. Here are some more general ideas on how much time you might need:

Our usual watersports area is just under 15 minutes from the dock, so a 1 Hour trip offers about 30 minutes in the watersports area, which is about enough time for one first-timer to learn a new activity like boarding or skiing OR perhaps a couple experienced boarders/skiers could get in a run. We can still take 6 people on the boat, but we won't be able to have 6 people boarding or skiing in that short of trip. NOTE: On a 1 hour tubing-only trip, we can utilize waters within sight of our dock and get 6 people some tubing action within that time.

Consider that a 1½ Hour trip essentially DOUBLES your activity time, since you’re already out there. At only a modest price difference, it’s a tremendous value.

For groups of 2-4 participants (actually skiing or boarding), the 2 Hour trip is probably the best choice. Compared to a 1 Hour trip, the 2 Hour trip adds 60 minutes in the watersports area, for a total 90 minutes, and essentially TRIPLES your activity time. Please consider the added value of a 2 hour trip if you have 2-4 boarders/skiers. For tubing only, a 2 Hour trip is plenty for even 6 people, and is our most popular option.

Also, we often find that people want to try other activities, such as tubing or ZUP™ Boarding. A longer trip gives you more opportunity. Our 3 hour trip is the most popular overall, with up to 2.5 hours actually in the watersports area. Some folks want to take a few minutes out to see dolphin along the way. The time is yours to use how you wish, and there are no additional charges for combining activities such as Wakeboarding, Kneeboarding, Tubing, or Dolphin Watching, so customize that trip as you see fit.

We do offer a 4 Hour option, but if you’re interested in just watersports, that’s a bit much. However, if you’re looking for a relaxed half-day on the water and don’t want to have to pack non-stop action into a shorter trip, the 4 hour is better for a relaxed pace that includes some exploring, wildlife viewing, or generally just hanging out on the water. We can do as long a trip as you’d like, and even get more creative with visits to other islands and destinations. You’ll need to call us for specialized assistance to book trips that are 4 hours or longer, as they’re not available for instant online booking.
Our family has been visiting Hilton Head Island for over 20 years, and this is by far the best thing we've ever done on vacation.
Alice D.