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Trolling Fishing Charters

Trolling is a specific fishing approach where we spend most of the time in motion, motoring slowly across live bottom or structure while dragging baits or lures behind the boat.

This method allows us to cover a lot of ground, seeking out fish that may be on the move or gathered in small spots and unlikely to find us if we just sit and wait.

We’re usually running 2 to 4 lines, positioned in a “spread” behind the boat in different fashions depending on our target species and time of year.

Hilton Head Island is guarded by Port Royal Sound to the north and Calibogue Sound to the south. The mouths of the sounds extend their nutrient rich waters several miles out into the ocean as well. These inshore and near shore waters attract a variety of species throughout the year. Our typical targets include bluefish, spanish mackerel, and spotted sea trout. Occasionally we’ll see larger species like crevalle jacks or king mackerel.

While we usually stay on the move to troll, when we find fish holding in a specific area we’ll sometimes stop to cast plugs and lures at them. As always, our fishing trips are dynamic and change techniques depending on opportunities that present themselves along the way. No two trips are the same!

Longer excursions give us more opportunity for a variety of techniques, so we might combine trolling with bottom fishing on the same outing. More time also gives us options to journey farther away and target more types of fish sometimes in the same trip.

With all these options, the best thing to do is tell us about your group and we’ll take everything into consideration to match you with the best boat, captain, and fishing approach for a great time on the water.
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Spanish Mackerel caught while trolling on a Hilton Head fishing charter
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  Inshore / Near Coastal / Offshore
  4-8 Hours
  March thru November
  Age 5+ Inshore / Age 13+ Near Coastal / Age 16+ Offshore


Trolling Fishing Charter
  Max Guests: 4-6 for this type of charter
  Inshore / Near Coastal

(4 Hour minimum
for this trip type)


¾ Day (6 Hr) • $900 (includes fuel)
Full Day (8+ Hr) • $880 + Fuel Cost*
Typical Fuel Usage:
Mid-Range Towers & Reefs: 50–100 gals
Gulf Stream Towers & Ledge: 100–175 gals

*Full Day offshore trips on A Live One are our only fishing charters that are priced as a flat rate plus fuel. This allows for a greater variety of experiences to match angler’s needs and expectations. For example, high speed trolling for wahoo consumes significantly more fuel than bottom dropping at idle. Call Capt. Blair for more info on options for a full day offshore adventure.



Trolling Fishing Charter
  Max Guests: 4 for this type of charter
  Inshore / Near Coastal

(4 Hour minimum
for this trip type)

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