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Sight Fishing Charters

See the fish… catch the fish! One of the most exciting fishing approaches, sight fishing is a true hunt-and-stalk experience. From skinny shallow water to deep open water, there are lots of options through the year.

On the extreme shallow end we sight fish for red drum back in the marsh flats and tidal creeks. At low tide these fish gather for protection in just inches of water, hiding out from predators like dolphins and sharks. Want to sight fish for sharks? Yep, we do that, too! Nothing like catching a hammerhead on light tackle in a marsh creek where he’s hunting for prey at low tide.

In the open water of Hilton Head’s sounds and larger tidal creeks we sight fish for crevalle jack during summer, chasing schools around on nice calm days where they show themselves at the water’s surface. Truly incredible seeing a school of jacks “blow up” on some bait fish across the sound and then racing towards them for a chance to hook up.

During May and early June we sight fish for cobia during brief opportunities near slack tide when they cruise the surface usually in pairs or small groups. One of our most unique inshore fishing opportunities, and it needs to be scheduled very particularly with tides and weather in mind. When the conditions line up just right, it’s amazing.

We get good opportunities to cast at bluefish or spanish mackerel in the sounds from late spring to early fall. Further out in the near coastal range a few miles out we also get larger fish like false albacore (aka little tunny or “bonito”).

Sight fishing is typically combined with other techniques on the same fishing charter. For example, when targeting red fish we might spend some time sight fishing as well as some time soaking baits. Variety in techniques keeps things interesting and also can increase our chances of hooking up, especially when the fish are more keyed in on certain prey.

Tell us if you’re interested in sight fishing or targeting a specific species and we’ll take this into consideration to match you with the best boat, captain, and fishing approach for a great time on the water.
crevalle jack fish caught in hilton head sightfishing
A big Crevalle Jack caught sight fishing on a Hilton Head fishing charter with Live Oac.
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  Inshore & Near Coastal
  4-8 Hours
  Year Round
  Private (1-3 people ideal)
  Age appropriateness varies by trip


Sight Fishing Charters
  Max Guests: 3 for this type of charter

4 Hour • $498
5 Hour • $598
6 Hour • $698
“Full Day” 8+ Hour • $1000

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